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Adsense is Precious: Celebrating 10 Years of Adsense, Story of my Alignment

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 Celebrating Adsense 10 YearsIt’s almost completing 4 years now, putting me deeply indulged person as Blogger. When I recollect my memories I found the day when I took the three basic steps (Purchasing of Hosting, Creation of Blog, Applying for Ad-sense) that pushed me to become a successful Blogger. In 4 years of my Blogging career, Ad-sense has played a major role in my success. I’m not talking about the money, actually the matter is about money but basically it had supported me in many means.

But my success journey was not an easy journey. It was full of mixed experiences from the beginning. After being rejected twice, Google finally approved my application for Ad-sense. My happiness could not sustain even for a week as my Ad-sense account was disabled due to invalid click activities.

But this incident didn’t break my interest in Blogging and I remained indulged in it. Instead of quitting Blogging I started giving more time to Blogging. After six months I again applied for Ad-sense. This time I got approved in a go.

……..And……. since then I didn’t see back. I earned a lot in monetarily that gave me flying colors of new heights towards Blogging.

For the three years I kept my ad-sense safe and secure by keeping eye on each click, invalid activity and many other stats by using the Analytic services provided by Google for free. But recently an incident occurred. Due to my Engineering studies I wasn’t able to give time to Blogging even I didn’t checked the stats of my Ad-sense account. It was the time when some spammers attacked regional Bloggers and unfortunately I was in the list. I got thousands of invalid clicks on my account. I lost my account and this time I had nothing to show Google as a proof to recover my account that’s why I planned not to send any reconsideration email to Google. Because it was mine and some other Bloggers experience that there is a very low probability of getting the account back. But then someone told me to try at-least once.

Guess What? I got my account back. I send a reconsideration mail to Google Ad-sense. Have a look what I said -

Hello Ad-sense Team,

I am an Ad-sense publisher from India and I am using Ad-sense on my blog for past three years.

As I heard about an attack on Ad-sense account of Indian Bloggers, I was worried and planned to report Google Ad-sense team but due to some reasons I was unable to do the same. As I saw some invalid activity on my account I removed all the ads from my websites and blogs, but the very next day, I got a mail from Google that my Account has been suspended. Most of the traffic coming on my blog was from India and USA and there were huge invalid clicks on my ads.

I don’t have any screenshot as a proof but your team might be aware about these click bombing news happened in India.

Please have a look on my account and let me know if I can get it back.


Rudraksh Pathak


I waited for the reply for 2 weeks. I was sure that I’m not getting my account back. But on the May 8, I got a really surprising mail. I checked my mail and see what I got -

Adsense was Back

Since that day, I’m more cautious about my account. So dear spammers in the end I was the one who had the last laugh. Finally I won.

So guys that was my story of Ad-sense. Hows your relation with Ad-sense. Let’s celebrate 10 years of partnership with Google Ad-sense. Hurrah.

Microsoft Student Partner, Gamer, Programmer, App Developer and a Passionate Blogger from India. Love Science and History a lot. Curious about everything. Join me on Google+ more....@rudrakshpathak.com

23 Comments to Adsense is Precious: Celebrating 10 Years of Adsense, Story of my Alignment

  1. really great story . You got you adsense account back and making good amount of money . my adsense account also got banned because some one hacked my blog and posted some content to head section . because of that i lost my adsense account and google not re instead my account because my account was banned due to policy violation and google doesn’t take appeal for that .

  2. Hi Rudraksh
    Glad to hear the your account has been recovered successfully. Zac Johnson the famous blogger also lost his 10 year old adsense account just because of click bombing. Well he is an affiliate marketing expert, since his income has 20% adsense share, So it did not bother him. But for us Adsense is the main source of income. There are some plugins which can prevent click bombing.
    Thanks for letting us know your condition , I am sure this will help lots of people. Keep up the good work and GOOD LUCK with the adsense account.
    ASHISH :)

  3. Thanks for sharing ~ I think you deserve to buy yourself a something fun! Blogging is a lot of work and I’m happy for your success, It is also slimier story you havementioned here. :)

  4. Thanks alot author for this awesome post iam a new bie to adsense and your post sent a positive vibe telling that hardwork alone leads to success once agsin thanks a lot.

  5. Hi Rudraksh
    I really appreciate your professional approach and your story behind adsense. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

  6. Great story bro! I too have been trying to apply for AdSense. Now, I’ve started a new blog. So I’ve decided to build its quality. Wait for some 6-7 months and apply again. Hope it gets accepted this time! Cheers!

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