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Google Introduced Disavow Backlink tool for webmasters

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As promised Google introduced Disavow Backlink tool for webmaster and bloggers to get control on incoming back links towards their site. I asked the question about the tool to control the incoming back links in the gDays event held in India. They said, Google is going to launch a new tool by the help of which webmasters can control incoming back links coming to the site. Well they completed their promise. If you have been notified by Google regarding the spam back links then this is the tool you might be waiting for. Before proceeding I will tell you that it is a very sensitive tool. You must use this tool very carefully because your one mistake can make worse conditions. If you are a normal blogger or simply thoughts sharing blogger then this tool isn’t something you worry about. Have a look on what Google Webmaster Central Twitter account said -

Backlinks plays an important role while deciding about your website or blog in Google. By the help of backlinks, webmasters and bloggers get the PageRank which is one of the major factor while analyzing your website whether about advertising or raking in Search result.

If you have been hit by Google Penguin update Algorithm then you should have a serious look towards your links. If Google thinks that some spam links are passing through your website then Google will notify you through webmaster Dashboard with “Unnatural links” message. Google take this action when it feels that incoming links are paid links, spam links or links that does not follow the Quality guidelines. For this case, Google recommends you to remove those incoming links. To make your task easy, Google introduced “disavow backlink tool”. Before this tool it was quite difficult to remove the spam links. But now it will be easy to have control on your back links.

By the help of Disavow backlink tool you will notify Google which links are creating link spam. When you try to remove the spam back links after getting the notification from Google sometimes it become difficult to remove all the spam back links. For that case you would like to visit Google Disavow backlink tool page.

After visiting the page you will be asked to choose the site for which you want to perform link operations.

Disavow backlink page

After selecting the preferred website you will be redirected to a new page. On the next page, Google will ask you to upload file that contains the Links information.

The format of file that you have to upload on this page is very easy. All you need is simple text coded file. Here we have an example to show you -

# Contacted Owner of exampledomain.com on 01/01/2012
# for link removal but got no response. 
# spamdomain.com admin removed some links but left these links 



 I think you now have the idea of what exactly I’m  talking about. The line which are starting with # are simply treated as comments which will be ignored by Google. Here domain:spamdomain referring to that domain whose incoming links you want to block. You can change the spamdomain.com with the exact domain structure. Now what you have to do is simply upload the file on Disavow backlink tool page. Now leave it to Google and follow the manual instructions if asked by Google. You will have the notifications regarding this on your Webmaster Dashboard. Just make sure that the file size doesn’t exceeds 2MB of size. Well I think it’s not possible to exceed this size as how a simple text file can take 2MB of size.

Lets have a look What Matt Cutts is saying on Disavow Backlink Tool -

Have a look what I asked in gDays event about this tool -


Some Quick points about Disavow Backlink tool -

  • It’s not very necessary to use this tool. Only use this tool if you are 100% sure about the spam attack.
  • Google will typically ignore all those links which you include in the file.
  • After uploading the file, it could take few weeks to have effect.
  • This tool helps to clean low quality back links. This tool will be very helpful in the improvement of SEO if you have some bad impacts just because you have hired a cheap SEO company or did some mistakes in the past.
  • To make changes in the links, simply download the file, modify it and upload it again.

Have a look on Google Webmaster Official Blog about this post for further details.

So what you think about Disavow backlink tool. Will this tool be useful in SEO? Are you going to use this tool? Let us know the effects if you have used this tool. 

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12 Comments to Google Introduced Disavow Backlink tool for webmasters

    • Dear Sonu,
      You have to download the link table from your webmaster dashboard and then you have to analyse those sites which are creating spam. I will recommend you to analyse each site manually. Although its a time taking task but it is the best one.

  1. Excellent info! Well yes, backlinks plays an important role in deciding PR for website/blog by Google, but all the unnatural and spam links should be avoided so as to be safe from Google penalties and Disavow tool seems to ber very useful to improve SEO if there is a bad impact of unnatural/spam links. Thanks Rudraksh for sharing this info :)

  2. Spam or broken links can destroy blog reputation. Search Engine hates this types of link. Previously I used WordPress plugin to take action about that links. Now Google webmaster is going to help me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hardly have any ‘bad’ backlinks to my blog, so don’t really need the tool. But yeah, it will be MUCH useful for the ones who have had a successful blog, and still have it.

    PS – There’s a giveaway of CommentLuv Premium on my site! Check it out :)

  4. Hi Rudraksh Pathak,

    Well till now iam not aware of this news and you know i was amazed to see the new feature of Webmaster tools. It is very useful for the people whose blogs are recently affected by penguin update.

    thanks for awesome news.

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