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21 December 2012: End of the World?

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21 December 2012, the date set by the Mayan people for the end of the world, the date that scared people all around the world. The rumor about the end of the world was spreading since 2009. Thousands of books were written on 2012 topic and thousands of websites were developed to spread this rumor.

What was the Rumor –

It was expected that the world will end on 21 December 2012 by some destructive powers like some meteors will fall in the ocean and that will cause a tide which will take us away like the big hit movie Deep-Impact showed. Many religions believed that the Earth Quakes will come, Heavy Meteors will fall on the Earth which will cause a destructive flood. Some believed that Aliens will dominate the Earth.

Many movies were created, books were written on this hot topic. Like the movie “2012” was a great hit till 20 December 2012 (11:59 PM). The movie shows how world is gonna end in 2012.

What was the Fact –

Mayan was one of earliest civilization of the world. They were very intelligent in the Astrophysics, Calculations and specially in Mathematics. Mayans developed a cycle of a calendar. The calendar was for the cycle of 144000 days and the 144000th day was 21/12/2012. It’s actually the end of the calendar cycle.

Around 5000 years ago they developed the calendar on a stone. The further part of calendar on the stone is not available on stone piece because it has been broken. The stone calendar is currently safe in a museum in Mexico.

Who Were Mayans –

Mayan are the people of one of the earliest civilization of this world. They were very good in Astrophysics and planetary motions. They used to make calculations by the help of planets alignment and Sun’s rays falling on the tall pyramids build by them. Recently some historical groups have discovered their cities.

So It has been passed away. We have a big future ahead. What you think about this freaky rumor. Let us know in comment section below.

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