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Finally Angry Birds available on Facebook

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Finally after a long time, Angry birds is available for Facebook users. Rovio has announced the launch of one of the most popular game Angry Birds on Valentines day. Well the game is in testing stage.

The users were waiting for this game from a long time and finally the game is available. Rovio has revealed the game as an application on Facebook and now it is available on World’s largest social networking site Facebook.

The application has a beta tag but that doesn’t mean the game is bad. The layout of game is awesome with lots of special features and special effects. Angry birds is well set to attract the users of Facebook. The application is loaded with all new sound effects and lots of new features.

While playing Angry Birds you will find the options to get the Valentine gifts, You are allowed to send invitations to your friends, you will also get the option to turn on/off the sounds effect.

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