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Flashmob Marriage Proposal: LG India World Record Campaign

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Internet Now a day is becoming best platform to promote yourself. With the kind of brand promotion going on these days, flash mobs are becoming more common. After Nokia’s flash mob, LG India organized a flash mob proposal that happened in the same mall, Ambience Gurgaon.

Well it seems like LG is now moving up with virtual popularity with this Flash Mob Proposal. Have a look at it -

In Flash Mob, a group of people do some indeterminate actions and activities to confuse the people from the Genuine agenda and in last the real result comes out.

A guy named Karan was in love with her Girl friend Pooja and decides to marry her. He decided to propose her. But he wanted to it in some different way. The guy was wandering in the mall. Suddenly LG World record guys got him and decided to help him to do something which he never forget in his life.

The whole comes out in very awesome event with more than 100 dancers. The scene in the mall was quite amazing. Well in the video you see, the girl is not seems to be impressed, might be she got nervous.

And you know what, we also have a “Behind the scene video” of this Flash Mob proposal just like we have in the Film productions. Let’s have a look on it -


The Clip has become viral on internet and everyone liking it. So what you think about this act. Let us know in comments.

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