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Google surveys has brought all new opportunity for the internet users to earn online. Google has introduced all new monetizing technology called consumer surveys to perform target market research by the help of online survey.
Google survey will help both in growing the business and in monetizing the content publisher. The following video has an introduction to Google Survey.

Google survey is a good monetizing opportunity for the bloggers and internet users. Suppose a company is creating a survey to improve their business, they pay some amount to Google. Now a user can publish these survey through a website or a blog and for every response Google will pay some percent of the money to publisher. It just like the adsense but have a different principle and use.

To publish Google consumer survey on your website simply apply for Google consumer surveys by filling the online form available on Google Surveys official website. Publishing the surveys on the website is just like publishing the Google Adsense ads on the website.

A company or an individual can create the surveys in quick and easy steps and can run the surveys at very affordable prices. The customer will have the statistically valid results.

A publisher can embed these surveys in to the website to access the premium content. This will help the publisher to earn more through the Surveys.