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Top must have free Android apps for smartphones

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The increasing android market is inundated with hordes of apps with more on the way. There are millions of applications are available in Android market, some are useful and some are not. Android apps comes in all shapes and sizes unlike the iStore applications. In my views the good Android applications are those which can push the technical envelope and also available for the wide variety of platforms. In this post, I’m going to tell you top 10 Android applications that you must have in your smart phone.

Top 10 Android apps -

  1. Evernote (Free) – A simple and cloud based application which stores all your important notes, dates, reminders, and all your important data. Amazing thing is that, you can access all your data from anywhere in the world. Evernote not only stores your important notes, even it records your voice, store your captured images and even lots more.
  2. Instagram (Free) -Instagram, the most anticipated and clean app, very addictive. A simple and easy to use app used to create effects in your photos. The app comes with custom designs, filters, effects and borders. Instagram allows you to quickly share your photos to various social networks.
  3. DropBox (Free) – Dropbox is a cloud service which allows you to store data on a cloud server. Access your uploaded data from anywhere in the world.
  4. Google Maps (Free) – Google Maps is a live navigation based application from Google allows you to navigate your direction by the help of Google maps. Get directions with Google maps, plan your trip and even more.
  5. Angry Birds Space (Free) – One of the most popular Android based game developed by Rovio. An all new version of the game comes with all new levels and tricks. The old version of this game was a hit.
  6. Kaspersky Mobile Security lite (Free) – Kaspersky mobile security lite is an antivirus applications, helps you to prevent your smart phone from viruses, malwares and other threarts. If your phones stoles or lost, it will track your phone and will let you know the exact location of your phone. Block the phone calls whom you don’t want to receive.
  7. eBuddy messenger (Free) – A free messenger service for smart phone users. Do chat with your friends with multiple social accounts in the same time.

So enjoy your free apps with your Android smart phone. I’m not saying the apps that I have mentioned are best. These are the important apps that must be installed in your smart phone. Well as i have mentioned that there are millions of apps are available in Google play (android market). You have access to download applications to download for free. Even you will have premium apps in Android market.

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