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Transfer Money from your ATM card to others account

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State Bank of India is providing an amazing service for their customers to transfer cash instantly to another’s account in simple and easy steps. By the help of this service a customer can transfer money from his/her SBI account to another’s account by the help of his/her SBI Debit Card. The service is free of cost and takes couple of minutes to complete. This service is available for 24X7 in 26000+ ATMs of State Bank Group.

Steps to transfer cash to other’s account -

  • Swipe your Debit card and choose the option of Transfer.
  • Now enter your PIN number of your Debit Card.
  • Now select Transfer Card to Card option.
  • Now enter the Debit card number of the person whom you want to transfer the cash.
  • Enter the amount which you want to transfer.
  • Transaction complete.
  • Your own Debit card number.
  • Debit card number of the person whom you want to transfer the money.
  • Your card PIN number.
  • You can transfer only INR 15,000 / transaction
  • You can transfer a maximum amount of INR 30,000 / day
  • You are allowed to do only two transaction / day.

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14 Comments to Transfer Money from your ATM card to others account

  1. This is very good information for all peoples who want’s to transfer amount from Debit card. Thanks for sharing good information. is there any extra charges for transferring amount from state bank to other bank?

  2. saurabh chaudhari

    thank you,
    i have sbi account and other is idbi account, can i transfer my money from sbi to idbi account by atm machine?

  3. Can we transfer money from one account (sbi) to another different account (icici) at ATM using debit card?

  4. In this method a person can transfer max 15k to other sbi act in a day 2 tyms nd this facility for only intra bank bebificiary(only sbi act) not for inter benificiary(other bank act)….better 2 try internet banking.:)

  5. sir, i have Allahabad net bnking but the other is sbi account can i transfer sum from sbi to former one.if yes then how should i go about through net banking so also while filling for online payment i’m asked four digit but which four digit / i havn’t got it . how..to ..go about..

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