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Why Do You Blog for? Money, Passion or Reputation [Discussion]

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why do you blog

Blogging is no longer a suspense for web surfers. A majority of internet is built by blogs. More than 90% of web pages belong to blog now a days. Blogging was introduced around 12-13 years ago. At that time the technology was not in grasp of everyone so no one was familiar with Blogging. But as the society developed in the field of technology, everyone started taking interest in technology and soon after they came to know about Blogging.

Now it’s 2013, and more than 2 billion blogs are active and the only reason behind it is that many guys see a lot of money in blogging and its true. The intensity of bloggers has increased rapidly in past few years and so has the number of spammers. Because of spammers, giant search engine Google has announced many algorithms like Panda Update to improve the search performance. Sometimes this affects the genuine bloggers too.

Blogging is an infinite pool which has a lot of bucks inside it. The only thing is that we have to find them in a right way. Now a days majority of web surfers want to be  bloggers because they see a lot of professional bloggers having great success, money and the most important thing, “reputation”.

The actual meaning of blogging is sharing your ideas and thoughts in front of the online audience. It’s an online platform to share your ideas virtually. But now a days the trend is quite different. Now a days majority of people are using it to set up their business. Although its good to own a tech blog but only promoting the products doesn’t meant blogging. One can even do that with creating simple advertising web pages. Well this is off topic. I will get back to it later.

What is more important to you? Money, fame or passion? I have seen many bloggers earn thousands of dollars a month but they have no social presence. No one knows about them. They are happy with what they are doing. On the other hand there are a lot of bloggers who are not earning so much with their blogs but socially, they are always in touch.

I have seen many bloggers who have been blogging for a long time and no one knows about  them. Social presence of a blogger is as good as his effort which he puts in his blogs. In today’s competitive world, everyone wants success. The field of blogging is  very competitive. Many new bloggers have come out to compete with the old bloggers, and guess what, they are enjoying greater success. The only reason behind this is their social presence. I have seen many bloggers who are beginners and have blogged for about 3 or 4 months only and a majority of bloggers from different blogging communities know them.

I want to know from you, what do you blog for and what is more important to you? Let’s start a discussion. I would like to hear from you.

Microsoft Student Partner, Gamer, Programmer, App Developer and a Passionate Blogger from India. Love Science and History a lot. Curious about everything. Join me on Google+ more....@rudrakshpathak.com

88 Comments to Why Do You Blog for? Money, Passion or Reputation [Discussion]

  1. Well written Rudraksh.
    I blog because of my passion while earning reputation. And resulting in a passive income.
    Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires hardwork and appropriate effort.
    Thanks. Subscribing to TekDig and waiting for the next update. Good luck to you ! :)

  2. HI Rudraksh

    I appreciate your hardwork you are doing on your blog.
    Coming to your post, I’m working for my passion and I know very well money will follow.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  3. Ravi @Technology Blog

    Well i still remember the Dialogue from “3 Idiots”, that “Kamyabi ke Peeche mat Pado, Kabil Bano, Kamyabi Jhak marke Peeche ayegi”. So I always do Blogging because it is Passion. And this Passion can give me many things

  4. Hi Rudraksh Pathak, Great Article. I blog for Passion & for building reputation then money will generate automatically. Thanks for Sharing this Great article!

  5. This week I have written a post about Top 10 benefits of blogging. So I have no one reason for blogging. I have more than 1o reasons for blogging :-)

  6. Hi Rudraksh

    Nice Post for Blogging.. Great Job! and yes,
    I am Blogger BY Passion
    Web Designer BY Interest
    Gamer BY Mistake !!! ;)
    So I love Blogging Very Much.. Thanks For Sharing :)


  7. Wonderful topic of discussion!

    Yes indeed, many bloggers enter the online world for earning money, and for them it really means money and nothing else. While for others, their reputation matters, or it’s their passion. However, I feel having a social presence is very important so that people get to know that you exist, though there are many who are earning a lot – as you mentioned – even without it.

    Speaking of myself, writing is my passion as I am a freelance writer and that’s what I do. So, for me, blogging is a way of expressing my views and sharing my experiences with everyone – with the sole aim of helping others. It enhances my writing skills that helps me in my writing projects, though I know when and if I want, I can start earning from the blog too. Perhaps I will be giving this a thought this year. :)

    Thanks for sharing, and nice visiting your blog. :)

  8. Shorya Bist

    Hi Rudraksh,

    Nice article mate and very interesting topic to discuss on. You said it right today blogging is profession with thousand and lakhs of bloggers are there ,lot of competition.Many minds ,many stratergies and many dreams.
    Your topic is to choose one in Money, passion and reputation.I think one who is saying i dont want to earn money from blogging is the biggest liar on this planet.Everybody want to earn money from it because where is profession then there is source of income.But yes some are really pasionate bloggers but they are few who write blog because they love it and they dont want money from it,its just there passion.
    When its on me then my answer is when i give everything to my blog then why not i take everything from it. Yes my answer is i am professional full time bloggers so it is my bread and butter i give it 110 percent so i like to be appricieted.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  9. Nice topic here Rudraksh,

    This is a question, I got asked yesterday from a friend and my answer was that “I just want to to be a respective blogger”, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to make money.

    My first goal is to be a well knows respective blogger like Derek Halpern and Pat Flynn. Money isn’t that important for me.

  10. Hi Rudraksh Pathak, this is a great post, and I must admit that I blog for all 3 of those things, for money, passion and reputation.

    But if someone would took away money and reputation from blogging, there would still left my passion. If the money or reputaion is the main reason, I would leave long time ago, but I’m still blogging because something inside me wants to help others and have a passion for a written word from my laptop to the whole world to read,

    thanks for sharing :)

  11. edi suriyanto

    an interisting question pathak :)

    i personality build a blog is for sharing knowledge that i have to the other people.
    and i cant liar, i make some money too from it :D

  12. Hey Rudraksh,

    I am not a blogger. I’ m a network marketer but I have a blog because that’s the best way to share the skills and knowledge that I learn along my MLM journey.
    So yes, I guess I’m in it for the money, but networking is my passion, I don’t know how to do anything else.
    That’s what I do.
    Thanks for raising a great discussion here!

  13. For me, it’s all about passion. The rest will follow if I am doing a good job. But for now, it’s mainly about sharing what I know with others.

    Thanks for the sharing.

  14. I guess the ideal blogger will be aspire for a combination of money and fame and will be blogging about something he is passionate about. I guess those who are focused just on the money aspect are the Internet Marketers. There are some folks out there who shy away from the fame aspect of blogging. One such person is Allen, the guy who made the warrior forum. I mean, he can be the most famous guy in the internet marketing community and yet nobody knows who he is. We dont even know if Allen is his real name. One thing we do know is that he is a genius.

  15. Passion and money.
    Passion because I love technology and creativity (as I have mentioned in my about us page)
    Money because, I dont want to run my passion with my pa’s money. So i want to earn money equivalent to my investment in blogging so there is no burden on my parents for this.

  16. Hey Rudraksh,

    For me (just like for many others) I wanted to work from home and that’s what started me on my online journey.
    I actually started blogging a little over a year ago and it took me this much time to figure out that blogging is all about having fun and giving and money is just a byproduct. The more money you make the more you contribute to society.
    You can’t blog for money,,,, but of course you can but then it will be a struggle.
    You blog because it’s fun.
    Just like Michael Jordan didn’t play basketball for the money. He LOVED what he was doing and wanted to be the very best at it…………which he became.
    Success is not a destination (blog traffic, conversion and money with fame) it is a JOURNEY.

    that’s what I think.

    thanks for sharing this thought provoking discussion here!
    Akos Fintor

  17. Hey! I am new in blogging line..! can you help me with some ideas about making back links..? and y are they useful..? other than leaving comments on blogs..

    • Hey Tushar,
      Guest Blogging is one of the best way to build the backlinks. Well I will suggest you to start Guest posting because Google has issued some statements about hosting the Guest posts. So many bloggers including me have stopped accepting Guest posts on our blogs.
      Best of Luck and Keep Blogging. :-)

  18. its very obvious but quite real – if u follow ur passion with full heart and brains , no one can stop u fron getting success, i personally follow this mantra. and i hope everyone will agree to my statement.

    any ways nice attempt with ur blog. keep it up .

    Pratik Jaiswal
    Tesire Studios.

    one of the best web solution in pune, mumbai. for web devlopment , designing @ UI / UX.

  19. I blog to share and enhance my knowledge , sharing helps to elaborate you views by which your interest in your current activity increases , and blogging is the best and fast way to express your opinion to others . :)

  20. 2 billion blogs is a huge number…….Thats awesome. I blog because it is my passion to share tech stuff with people and help them. Well buddy, your posts was worth reading. Thankss

  21. Vijay Prabhu

    I started blogging out a simple mission to help others with simple tech matters which can be explained easily. However through the way found out that monetization is also a key to success.

    When I removed my ads I found drop of viewership of around 50% dont know the reason why. Perhaps readers think that a blog with ads is more pro then one without ads. I experimented this twice more and found out similar incidence.

  22. Hello Rudraksh

    Nice question and nice points. i believe honesty is the best policy! therefore I will be honestly and admit that yes I do blog for money (anyone can guess this by looking at my ads placement) but I am curious about reputation (I try my best to publish and share things that is helpful for readers). It feels like challenge when I come to know about others who are getting 5K views/day or it’s PR is 3 in less time or Have domain authority 50 then these stats motivates me! I want to break all records and that’s what I am passionate about!

    Actually many bloggers are writting just for money (without knowledge, ethics and logic) but truth is that only a few thousand blogs are really make decent money (I guess around 50,000). There are lots of hobby bloggers (at indiblogger) and I salute them for their passion and everything!

    And yes If you want to look professional you have to display ads on your blog and have to hype and manipulate some things and stats :) (see my social followers)

    • Hey Himanshu,
      You are the same na whom I met in Indiblogger meet?
      Anyways glad to know your reason. See almost all the Bloggers here do blog for money. No one has enough time to waste for no good reason.
      Thanks for your response.

  23. Hi i started my first blog because i found other blogs interesting and started my first blog on blogspot and i use to blog for passion… But now i have a new blog and blogging for money and also earning some $$ daily through ADSENSE..

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